Dara Carter is a multi-talented recording artist, designer, intuitive healer, and model whose art inspires expansion in herself and those who experience her. She believes that music and art are more than entertainment. She believes that it is metaphysical, and holds the key to unlocking healing on an individual and societal level. Dara’s mission is to use her creativity to level up the consciousness of any and everyone that she can reach. 


Born in 1994 in Stone Mountain, GA, Dara began her music career with classical piano training at the age of 3. While in school, Dara Carter traded partying with practicing and dedicated her time to refining her craft. A curiously intuitive child, she had a knack for anything creative and very quickly realized the power of music. At the age of 12 she -- with the help of her supportive father Dr. C  -- started going into Atlanta to perform. Soon, she was being featured in shows run by some of the most talented jazz musicians in the city. Dara graced the stage with the likes of Phil Davis, Joey Sommerville, Julie Dexter, and more. 

After meeting and recieving high praise from her inspriation -- India Arie. -- through world renowned vocal coach Jan Smith, Dara’s confidence in her songwriting and performance abilities grew. Dara continued to perform around the city of Atlanta, as well as other prominent cities in the U.S. performing her songs until she left for college in 2012. In that time, before the age of 18, she was able to perform her original music at the Legendary Apollo Theatre twice. Around that time she was given the opportunity to sing in a girls group at the White House for then president Barak Obama. It was at this point in life that she realized that she had something special, and a message to share with the world. 

Dara traveled to college in Boston, MA to study at Boston University, where she toured with cellist Kendall Ramseur and worked with artists and musicians at Berklee School of Music while pursuing a degree in Graphic Design. While there, she was given a lead soloist position in the Harvard University KUUMBA choir. Upon her return to Atlanta, she hit the ground running with performances and the release of her debut album, The Gem In I. With this album, Dara established the idea that her music will be different than aything anone has heard before, and that it will bring about introspection and healing in those who experience it. Since then, Dara has released a second album, entitled “Hello Freedom”, toured the United States, Canada, and Europe, toured with The Txlips -- an all black girl rock band -- performed festivals like Afropunk and the Loud Woman festival in London,and more. 

Dara also likes to spend her time paying it forward to the next generation of musicians. Since the age of fifteen she has mentored and trained younger musicians. Dara Carter toured around the country performing for and speaking to the young musicians of Girls Rock Camp. She also teaches vocals and piano to children as well as producers and coaches singers in the vocal booth while they record. 

One of the things that makes Dara unique is her versatility. Dara has performed on many types of stages, from intimate events, to wineries, to festivals, banquets, amphitheaters, and more. From a solo performance to an eight-piece band, Dara Carter’s live performance is nothing short of magical and something you will want to see in your lifetime! 

In late 2021, Dara decided to travel to Costa Rica to begin creating a musical base. Since then she has completed a tour there and is has been working collaborating there in order to perform and create more recorded music. Stay tuned! Stay tuned!